Monday, May 1, 2017

An Enlightening Conversation with the Guy who Checks my Ticket on the Commuter Train

The following is a transcript from my enlightening conversation with the guy who checks my ticket on the commuter train. His name was Gary, I believe. But I’m not sure, so let’s go with Sasha. Sasha was kind enough to take a short break from his ticket punching duties to talk with me last Friday night. He’d had a long week, I could tell, but I really wasn’t interested in hearing his stupid life story.

Me:                 Sasha, are you embarrassed of your job?
Sasha:              What? Why?
Me:                  Well, you have to wear that stupid little hat, for starters…
Sasha:              I don’t HAVE to, I want to. It projects authority.
Me:                  But the top of it is mesh. I can see right through it. And you’re stashing tickets up there, on your head.
Sasha:              You aren’t supposed to be able to see that.
Me:                  OK! So how soon until robots do your job?
Sasha:              I don’t think that will happen. Robots could never do certain parts of my job.
Me:                  Like what?
Sasha:              Robots can’t wear hats, as far as I know. Now, my information may be wrong.
Me:                  No, that’s absolutely correct. I hadn’t thought about that.
Sasha:              Do your research next time, Woodward.
Me:                  How do you deal with all the hobos?
Sasha:              This is a commuter train, there aren’t any hobos.
Me:                  What about that hobo right there?
Sasha:              That’s a professional woman. She’s reading a book.
Me:                  Ah, ridin’ the rails!!!!

I very much enjoyed my talk with Sasha. He didn’t feel the same and I completely understood.

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